Wednesday, 9 January 2013

BYE BYE 2012....HELLO 2013

This post should have been send earlier....

I guess it's still not to late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be a wonderful, prosperous (in wealth n health) n joyful year.

As always...reducing my weight is the first on my list of the new year resolution....but still i'm unable to reach my target... sigh!

We have decided to spend the new year in KL with some of the children...

Thought of going for a holiday but we just's not fair cos' the chilren are not having the same semester break.

So...apa nak buat lagi...jalan-jalan cari makan shopping lah!

the lovely christmas decoration

Just two days before the New Year...we invited sis Iha n family for dinner at my house in SJ. I prepared something simple... mee/meehoon curry, chocolate cake n curry puff from deli france.

boys will always be boys....they're so much! year day should be fun or a leisure day for everyone...but not so for my hubby.

He got diarrhoea for more than a week n i dont know what caused it.

Could it be my curry mee or.....? But he's the only one facing it!
Poor hubby... just when he's about to enjoy his annual leave....

AND... the beginning of this new year i allow my maid to go back to Medan for 20 days. Her mum is very ill.

She's been very good to me n my family...she's with us for 10 years n will continue her contract for another 2 years. 

Jangan tak balik pulak....sudah!
Hai! bersilatlah teman dengan kerja2 rumah yang tak habis-habis!

at  penang airport

I have to keep myself calm n fit during her absence...

On the 5th of January...attended Alia's ( cucu saudara) birthday party.
I was a bit late for the *doa selamat* n the cake cutting....

the birthday girl is at the centre

just two days without sri (my maid)...i've already look so down n tired!

i guess my mum really enjoy the hard work

the adorable aydan n abang fitri

they had so much fun with all the n....dancing

As usual my mum is very fond of giving away her cicit Alia's birthday party...every year without fail!

And she did that to me....way back then!

It was so much fun...i remember...the n dancing is a must! 
And not to mention...the presents...ahaa!

Ha! ha!...i was the dancing queen...those were the days!

Thanks Ma...for making my childhood memories so sweet to remember....



  1. Aslm...
    Hope you're doing ok without maid..buat yg patut je..
    I hope to see u in Ipoh.

    1. Wkumslm..
      I'm ok so far...trying to cope slowly. It's definitely tiring!
      Ok see ya then.

  2. Assalam Leeza@Haliza
    Happy belated new year. Resolusi tahun baru untuk meringankan badan ke? Ehh, samalah kita tapi kaaan, dah 11hb apa pun tak buat lagi, sigh.. Plan JJCM masih penuh calendar kekdahnya, how like that meh?

    All the best for your 2013.

    1. Wkumslm CS
      Happy belated new year to you too! Ya...disamping nak menguruskan badan i've to consider my health. Takutlah dah masuk in the 50s ni makan lebih sikit dh rasa semacam! Thanks for the always every new year there'll lots n lots of good wishes n resolutions tapi nak menepatinye is another thing!

  3. Salam Kak Leeza,
    it's good to know that you had a blast new year! kita balik Perak so celebrate dgn kicauan burung n deruan sungai perak heee... resolusi nak kuruskan badan is in my list every year, so this year I lost hope, nak concentrate benda lain plak, so good luck dear!

  4. Wkumslm Yong
    Ala...the new year celebration biasa2 je. Yg best tu being together with the children. So u pun tekad nk kuruskn badan ya... tapi dh lost hope. Tak pe tahun ni kita jgn hope for nk kurus badan BUT kita tekad kurangkn makan...ok. Maybe that could work!