Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Legaa!!... She's back!!!...I've been counting the days... My whole body dah aching so much... my stiff neck n shoulder pun giving me so much problem.

Itu pun we wanted to change the air ticket to extend her stay there...tapi dia tak ndak.
How nice of her kan!(she's one in a million)

Macam mana lah all this while she can do so a day yaa.
I can only manage to do some of the housework...itu pun panting like anything...
Phew!! must give her credit lol.

Cant imagine if she's really not back... n life without her.

It's very generous of her to give me these....
a whole bunch of avocados n emping melinjo.

She knows that both are my favourite!

Do you know how much it cost an avocado here?
It's about rm5/-
Boy! how lucky i am....

Tapi yang menyedihkan pulak...she was fined about rm200 at the medan immigration for not producing her permit work card n insurance card when she's taking off.

How terrible! sebelum ni tak kene pun.
Hai ya...these people... just know how to get
some extra money!

Looks like we'll be paying her back...kesian!


  1. Hi Liza;) A real phewww to see our maid is back kan:)Mine last December, she didn't turn up the night she supposed to be back i thought she tak balik dah:( Actually her flight was delayed and she decided to sleep at KLIA's surau.Kesian jugak and like you she brought back that emping malinjo banyak2 for me plus the famous brownies there:):) Ohh orang perak panggil bubur anak lebah..i kind like the name lah:) unik:);) have a nice weekend to you and family(early weekend lah sebab i dah cuti esok..yeayy)

    1. Hi Zu...
      Memang legaa sangat bila maid dh hubby used to say that whenever i'm without one...i'm just like having a riffle in my hands!
      hehehe...Hv a nice weekend to u n family too. I just cant wait for some of my children to be back (tomorrow) for this long weekend!

  2. assalam Leeza (nak tulis Leeza jugak..hehe.)

    Actually bila ada pembantu rumah yg boleh diharap, ia adalah rezeki dan rahmat. Kita tolong dia dan dia tolong kita, kan Leeza kan?

    I never have the luxury to have a maid but sometimes bila kemalasan melanda, I wish I have one at a snap of two fingers (tapi tak reti buat bunyi snap pun).

    1. Wkum slm CS
      Actually dulu masa anak2 i kecil...i'm having a helper of an indian lady dtg thrice a week cleaning the house. I have to with 5 small children to take care. And bila my hubby dh jadi ketua jabatan...byk functions to attend what more when my daughter pun msk college, tak dpt nk tolong i dh...mula lah i jadi kalut. I jadi tak sihat sgt.n started to wheezed n cough alot.
      Lagi pun i ada history of pneumonia when i was little. And memang rezeki i dpt dia thru maid kawan n it was so cheap back then about rm2000/; Till now she belum lg create any problem n we seem to get along fine.