Monday, 19 August 2013


Assalammualaikum....& how's everyone?

I'm sure everyone is having great weekends with your loved ones.
After all the mood of raya is still in the air!

With persuasion of the children we had made our way to KL...beraya diKL pulak.

And memang langkah kanan...sis Intan was having a raya open house...oolala!

lovely selection of food...hiya...makan,makan & makan!
must stop this culture & start keeping ourself fit.

so happy to meet some of the long lost cousins & relatives

mak sedara wan chu

my cho dira with her lovely cousins... apple & fifa

n...another of my charming niece...iva munira....all of them are still single n available...ahaa!

been too busy with sisters n cousins till....where r u hubby dear?

the host... sis intan & bro-in law abg jan & cucu mukhriz

ahh...there you are!

faiz & uncle lan...alamak ma lupa nak ambik gambar ashid & che ein

Apart from having superb,delicious & mouth watering sweets & savoury...Hari Raya is the time of reunion among friends & relatives.

Jadi ambil lah kesempatan ini & let's forgive & forget....

Had visited my hubby's niece Norliana & her newborn baby boy @ Jln Duta but sadly....bro-in law & wifey were out.

just days ago she's a wife... & now she's a mother!

AND of the reason why we're's cho dira's birthday.

And it was also the dear dad's birthday... a different of just three days.

Baked them a chocolate cake...


And to make my gal happy...gave her something 

a birthday card signed by all of us & something girlish....

And as for dear hubby...his gift will be a SURPRISE...wink!

A birthday dinner for their dad....given by my two sayang cho & faiz.

lovely selection of sea food, fresh vegetables, fried rice & noodles & desserts ice creams n fruits.

Nak tolong promote tempat tu...di Flaming Steamboat Buffet ...somewhere in Bukit Kemuning Shah Alam.

simply marvellous something soupy & steaming....

You can eat as much as you like at a very reasonable price.

On the other hand...(sigh)! ape agak nye for my next birthday ya? 

Anything...from my loved ones tapi jangan batu & kayu udah!

Tapi batu berlian...i suka! hehehe....

So long live the LEOs... & may you live in happiness & barakah!




  1. Replies
    1. Ini lah hikmahnye beraya bersama sanak-saudara....riang gitu!

  2. wowww what a raya celebration! pastu kita pakat sukat lemak2 tepu memasing nooo hahaha...saya pun badan n kepala rasa dah berat lately, byk sgt lemak2 rendang n cookies raya barangkali!
    p/s : choklat cake tu sgt nampak develish! yummm

    1. Tu lah...tak de makanan yg mengancam kesihatan beraya memang tak sah kan...with all the lemangs,rendang & the nasi berani & what not!
      The cake memang devilish youu...nak sikit nahh!

  3. Wah meriahnya makanan... yummy!

    Hai! anak bujang I kecik lagi la... belum habis belajar..he..he..

  4. Musim raya ni memang buat kita gemuk...berat badan saya pun dh meningkat.
    Tu lah kalau tidak kita blh berbisankann!