Friday, 16 August 2013


I should have update this earlier....but time is always not on my side.

Anyway...this event was the highlight of the sacred month....the khatam quran.

It was done at Annexe...belonging to Dato Mazidah. 

doa selamat sebagai pembuka majlis....

Malang nyee...alamak!...saya dah raya sebelum 
sempat berkhatam. All the hard work...the daily morning  practice end up just being the by-stander...aje nye ya!

salute to our tutor,hajjah ramlah for assisting us through out ramadhan.....
she's the naib johan tilawah al-quran dari cawangan kinta.

datin seri husainah grinning happily...maklumlah dah khatam quran!

our husbands were also present to witness the ceremony....but only after we had recited the holy book...of course ( malulah)!

speech done by the pengerusi of our area...dato hashim all the supports to our ladies n to all the activities done by the residents.

besides pulut kuning,bunga telur ( sponsored by me) n some other goodies sponsored by some of us...dato mazidah had generously gave each one of us this lovely *reha*.

and dapat sijil penyertaan lagi....

showing off  in our variety of jubah...hehehe!

dato mazidah (our penasihat) standing at the centre 

the participants & the rest of the residents

This will continue to be our annual affair...tadarus & khatam quran...insyallah!

Nothing else matters than having good, understanding & cooperative neighbourhood.....

Rasulullah SAW bersabda;

*Kamu tidak dapat masuk syurga,sebelum kamu beriman,dan kamu belum dapat dikatakan mukmin sebelum kamu kasih mengasihi satu sama lain. Sukakah kamu aku tunjukkan jalan untuk berkasih-kasihan? Galakkan salam antara sesamamu*