Tuesday, 3 September 2013


At the Pengerusi Puspanita's resident....


in her lovely home

during the rehearsal of my hubby's dept.open house @ RPGC.

with the comical Mr.Os

A combination of raya & merdeka celebration...

And ...the grand day!

lovely times with the comical Mr.Os & artist Bagio

with family...in laws & sons

with my son rasyid

standing ovation for the negara ku & flagging of the jalur gemilang.

Though the atmosphere & the food are lovely...unfortunately i was unable to stay till the end.

I've to rush for another function where we had been spending so much time to ...contribution to the society of Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia at MB's resident.

It was a Majlis Mesra Aidilfitri bersama DYAM Raja Puan Muda Perak Raja Mahani bt Raja Shahar Shah.

And what makes it interesting was... the attire must be in songket & persembahannya pun berasaskan warisan tradisi melayu kita...
nyanyian qasidah, lagu2 asli & 60an,persembahan pakaian songket & pakaian org.2 besar istana & tarian zapin.

&  lovely door gift containing some traditional cookies like putu kacang,agar2 kering & kuih kiras

Something to refresh us with the heritage of our ancestor....

nyanyian qasidah

A fashion show that are made up of the older & younger generation...

And the finale...tarian zapin.

A very hectic week but had captured many fond memories.....



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