Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Well...at long last...the GE13 is done with!...& the results are either to be happy or the other way around.

Whatever they are....everyone should respect them and enough of politic talks n start to work.

There're blessings to every happenings....

After all...this is what the people want!

I had been reading an article by this author of smart parenting...Zaid Mohamad on mature way of disagreeing n what he had wrote is something very interesting n a reminder to us.

Since everyone had their prefered choice of parties n candidates...we will try to convince each other why our choices are better. Emotions can run high at times n many chose to see only what they want to see.

We should know that in any argument, nobody actually wins.
Arguments can drive friends n families apart.

It is not uncommon to find house full of different ideologies.
Dont allow ourselves to be carried away.
Relationships may be affected n we will lose focus on other priorities too.

This also applies to friends. There'll be friends who may disagree with us n no matter how different our political beliefs are...they  are still our friends!

Friends n families are our greatest assets. They are the pillars of our strength n a major source of our happiness. Nothing can change that n certainly not politics!

Though there had been winners n losers...i'm sure it had been done in a transparent way.
Learn to accept it...
OR... it is a WAKE UP call!

Do not show our frustrations in a manner that we may regret later.

I strongly against those... taking it to the streets to demonstrate their frustrations.
Dragging the young people to reach their goals....exposing n teaching these young people to take law into their own hands N be VIOLENT

We should instead groom a well discipline...
n respectable younger generation.

And not ini kalilah....or even lain kalilah!

Say NO to violence!!




  1. Entahlahhh! Leez. sukar untuk di jelaskan... kadang2 kita bukan hendak bergaduh! cuma apa bila kita cuba bercakap orang tidak faham apa yang kita cuba cakap dan yg kita mahu.... atau orng yg kita lawan bercakap itu pura2 tidak faham... itu yg membuat suasana menjadi hangat!

    Memimpin kawan2/masyarakat tidak seperti memimpin anak-anak/keluarga... yang mana kalau terjatuh atau buat silap boleh kita marah/rotan dan denda kemudian ingatkan "jgn buat lagi!" ...

    Apa-apapun yg dah lepas tu biarkanlah pergi... kita mula hidup baru dan mcm you cakap... berhenti bercakap pasal politik... skrg masanya untuk mula bekerja!

  2. Memang bukan senang nak mengiakan atau pun menidakkan pendapat masing2. Jadi utk tidak menimbulkan masalah elakkan dari bercakap pasal topik hangat tu.
    Atau pun listen listen listen dulu hujah diaorg.kemudian baru kita jawab dgn alasan yg kukuh...ringkas tapi padat...lepas tu kita terus jauhkan diri dari dia!
    The best thing is buat lawak...habis semua gelak!! hehehe...

  3. peace no war :-)

    pening ngadap FB ... penuh dgn fitnah. parti pemimpin dan pembangkang ada tanggungjawab tersendiri. setiap negara perlukan kedua-dua parti ni. so, buat la kerja masing-masing.

  4. Ya...peace no war!
    But...hidup among berbilang kaum di negara kita ni...it cant be helped ada perselisihan pendapat n keperluan. However...for the sake of unity we hv to give n take kann.