Thursday, 16 May 2013


It's been awhile since i've been with my plants n flowers.

Been very busy lately with the beading that had taken so much of my time...
Phew!'s killing my eyes...

However to be out in the garden will always make me feel so fresh n...alive!!

Gardening is one of my helps me to sweat out n makes me see some lovely colours around me!

And it's a good way to be away from the needles and...the computer...

I always dream of having trees like in the movie 'Mamamia'.

The part where the young couples are suppose to be married and the wedding reception was done under some fully decorated shady trees with blooming flowers....

Though i know it's not even close to it but well it could have the slight resemblance....(in my dreams).

I have just trimmed the bougainville...hoping that it will grow even bigger n....many more flowers to bloom.

Another species of lily....

I love lilies....they have this sweet n pleasant fragrance.


My lovely hydrangeas are forever flowering...
Sangat selesa dgn keadaan sekeliling agaknya...

Some of my orchids....i'm not so good at remembering their names unlike my sis teh...she seem to know each n everyone!

I wanted so much a water feature in my garden....but ahh!...a smaller version of an ornamental water feature will do just fine!

I have a few species of green fern...
Love's cooling to the eyes.
Looks like some of them sudah tua.... n need to be changed.

Some of my begonias or assam batu...

Adding some red soils n fertiliser to my rose corner...hoping it will bear more flowers.

My hubby's favourite...palm trees.
They have grown so much for the past six years!

Just cant wait for my kemboja to grow to a bigger tree where i can put a chair or two under it....sipping a cup of tea n enjoying a piece of my heavenly chocolate cake....huhu!

I love to display plants in the house...
N...ivy is one of my favourite.

At one corner behind the house...a home grown bunga kantan...pandan leaves...daun limau purut...sour sop...promeganate n herbs like rosemary n basil.

I'll always feel calm n at peace each time i look at the matured casuarinas.

Initially my hubby was against on planting the trees due to the roots....but....
Look!...they are just so perfect!

Though we have this unbearable heat most time in the year....we have to think of how n what to plant n make the best out of it!

What makes my garden...the work of my own bare hands n...of course with the little help from my ever willing maid sri.




  1. Cantik!... I suka rose tapi menanam pokok rose memerlukan penjagaan yang agak rapi kerana pokok rose ni agak 'manja' sikit... dan pokok kantan tu... bagusnya... senang kalau nak guna.. tak perlu membeli... setangkai tu dah berapa harganya...

  2. Tq...sweety! Kami adik beradik memang suka berkebun...must be fr my mother kut.
    Pokok rose memang senang dihinggap ulat n virus. Tapi i tak suka nak sray pokok tu dgn racun serangga yg kuat...hanya guna spray nyamuk yg water base je.Semenjak i tanam pokok kantan tak payah dh nk beli dikedai lagi...harga yg dijual dikedai sekarang ni dah naik 1 ringgit babe!

  3. cantiknya garden. i can never have garden like yours. asyik mati ja pokok ;-)

  4. Apa2 pun perlu penjagaan rapi. Kalau kita rajin melayan nya...bubuh baja,gembur kan tanah,bercakap dgnnya...insyallah cantik garden kita!