Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hah! what a relieve....beadings...n...the royal wedding had finally done with.

Been very busy lately...just dont have the time to update what's happening!

Puspanita Perak had organised a special evening for all the mums.

Let's give mums a break & i think the Perakian deserve a celebration too!.....

A happy free day from ; taking care of the children... the house chores... feeding the family & being a great companion to the husbands.

So... let's see what we have for them...

The high tea was held at Impiana Hotel & the theme of this year mother's day is kasih ibu kasih sejati.

Besides our ahli....we even sell some tables to other NGOs like Kledang Club...Perkep & Baiduri.

We had invited Dr.Jagdev Singh from General Hospital for a health talk on the importance of taking care of the eyes.

We had also invited our Penaung D.Seri Sharifah Zulkifli as our guest of honour.

Standing ovation for the Negara Ku......

The cutting ceremony of pulut kuning to symbolise the happy day & peace among women!

The decoration of the day was extremely beautiful with orange colours or jingga to brighten up the atmosphere.

A selamat datang dance performed by the dancers of Kumpulan Selendang Perak.

The trio singers from KSP... lovely to the ears...Emotions by Bee Gees (bring fond memories of yesterday)!

D.Hanim (former Timbalan Pengerusi Pusp.Perak) is always at her best reciting sajak... of *ibu*. Hence making everyone having goose-bumps!

Lovely colourful 1 Malaysia dance by MBI dancers. They had won first place in the competition during the Mesy.Agung KL.

The lovely mothers at their best attire vying for the evening best dress!

The *golden ladies* showing off their routine steps in the line-dance (very sporting indeed)! clap 3x

A traditional dance belotah by the ahli from various department...

Choir singing by all the committees involved....
We sang lovely songs of ibu,only you,bila mama pakai celana,terima kasih & aku anak kampung.

Thank you Encik Razak of Kumpulan Selendang Perak for assisting us.

And not forgetting...thanks a million to my ajk Puan Musalmah for helping me with the line-up of performances!

Having a photo section after the wonderful entertainment.

With our Pengerusi Puspanita D.Nor Hasmah & our Penaung D.Seri Sharifah (wife of the Chief Minister). can say it's a candid shot!
With D.Dolly, D.Bashriah, Salwa, D.Feroza &

Thumbs up for D.Bashriah & Salwa for coming all the way fr. KL just for this event! taken with all the committees involved.

Insyallah...dengan kepimpinan D.Nor Hasmah persatuan kita akan terus mencapai kecermelangan!

All's well ends well!

Another celebration of mother's the Grant Hyatt in Kuala Lumpur.

It was a lovely evening.....

With Puteri Rafidah & D.Seri Husainah.

D.Zainab,D.Suria,D.Norhasmah,D.Asmah & me.

Indeed!...everything was lovely.
The setting...the entertainment....the companion & of course the food...



  1. Wow! what a lovely day :) Everyone looks happy in the picture

  2. Ya...mana tak....dpt makan free!

  3. wah ... sekali sekala attend event mcm ni seronok

  4. Memang....sekali-sekala boleh lah....or else tonggeng terbalik pulak kat rumah!
    Lagi pun sebagai isteri n ibu tanggungjawab kita lebih byk dirumah kan.