Friday, 7 June 2013


On the 31st.May, i was requested to officiate an activity of the Kelab Sukan Wanita with the cooperation of Puspanita at my hubby's department.

It's a pertandingan masakan (using vegetables such as brinjal , jack fruit & pucuk ubi),ice blended buah- buahan, decorating cup cakes n gubahan kain telekung.

Those were some of the items in the competition.

Tak disangka ada hidden talents yang perlu dicungkil & digilap!

Some of them are very creative indeed!

Before officiating...gave them some moral supports & some words of encouragement to the new faces... to be more exposed to any activities & programs of the department.

And that... wanita boleh!

On special request...with one of the winners...Puan Maznah Khilali.
She was away for an avoidable task during the prize giving & had requested to be taken a  picture with me again.

Being the Pengerusi Puspanita at my hubby's department....i'll be glad to support n participate in whatever activities they have that need my involvement.



  1. salam puan,
    wow those gubahan are really amazing and i like the gubahan telekung atas beca tu.. menarik :)
    by the way..thank you for dropping by to my kitchen..have a nice weekend :D

    1. W'kumslm...
      Ya....some of the staff are gifted...their handwork are beautiful.
      It's nice to have friends in the cyber world tho we've never met....hopefully we'll remain friends!
      Who knows if we might bump into each other don't hesitate to say hello.....

  2. Salam Kak Leeza.
    waoowww aktif betul puan pengerusi ni eh, tahniah kerana berjaya menganjurkan pertandingan yg sgt kreatif ini. Kalau saya masukkk kompem tempat last ahahaha.
    p/s : body akak masih slim walau masak macam2 ek.. ape ke rahsia eh?

    1. Wkumslm slm Yong
      Kena lah aktif selagi my hubby is still in service. Lagi pun anak 2 akak semua dh keluar least it helps to occupy my leisure time...n akak pun minat sangat benda2 macam ni.
      Body akak ni tak lah slim mana cuma I don't take rice at night. And I make a habit of walking around my compound at least half an hour after my early dinner. And also akak slalu buat floor exercise....
      Cubalah....manalah tau if it might work for you.

  3. Leeeza..
    Many people are gifted, bila buat acara2 macam tu barulah nampak kebolehan masing2.

    1. Ya....that is why every year kami anjurkan pertandingan sebegini. Selain nak mengilap kebolehan diaorg....aktiviti2 macam ni is something for them to take a break from their usual routine....buat diaorg seronok2.....