Monday, 10 June 2013


Funny how time flies. Just days ago my sayang Lukman was back for his semester break...and now we've just sent him back to his college in B.Mertajam to re-enter his 5th semester. 

Hoping he could be transfered to Shah Alam for his degree where his siblings are there to attend to him.

I regret not spending much time with him...cos i was so occupied with so many things!
Anyway...Hari Raya is coming soon & it will be wonderful to see all my loved ones back home again!

Okay...where was i....i seem to be running out of the topic.

One of the things that i'm busy with for the past week was the royal wedding.

The wedding of the princess of Duli Yang Amat Mulia Raja DiHilir Perak...Yg Mulia Raja Nor Azwina with Yg Berbahagia En.Christopher Daud Grant at the Istana Raja DiHilir Perak.

The wedding took 4 days...and it's not that i'm busy helping with the preparation but... i'm busy beading my baju kurung for the special That i will show in my next entry.(my own creation)

It was a beautiful wedding...everything was done with proper planning and very detail!

It was very malay traditional....from the setting, the bride & bride groom's attire, door gifts... to even the songs & performances.

The first day ceremony was the *khatam Quran*.

It was a small ceremony....about 50 people were invited only.

The *Khatam Quran* ceremony was also witnessed by the mother of the bride Duli Yg Amat Mulia Raja Puan Muda Perak Raja Nor Mahani.

With My mum & the royal princess....

Oh must be the face is so bloated!

I've made a strawberry cheese cake n placed it in a white box with a yellow ribbon on it....a gift to the princess.

On the second night....Istiadat Persandingan & Akad Nikah.

Even the tents are beautiful...with colours of the Perak,yellow & white.

Unfortunately...we were only able to watch the ceremony through the tvs that had been placed at every tents.

These are the door gifts of the first night....two boxes of black & yellow songket where the tops are sewn of the famous tekad benang emas or golden thread.

The third night...Istiadat Persandingan & Santapan.

It was attended by some of the royalties....
Duli Yg Maha Mulia Yg Dipertuan Agung & Permaisuri Agung, Duli Yg Amat Mulia Raja Muda Perak & Raja Puan Besar, Duli Yg Maha Mulia Sultan Perlis & Sultanah, Perdana Menteri Dato Seri Najib & Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Duli Yg Amat Mulia Raja Muda Perlis & Duli Yg Amat Mulia Che Puan Muda...& some of the other royalties & VVIPs.

Tempat Persandingan....the bride & bride groom wore the Pakaian Puteri Perak in yellow songket. 

Unfortunately i was unable to snap the picture...

These are the door gifts of the day's ceremony....

The two yellow & black tepak sireh are also sewn with the benang emas and is fill with a marble like egg and some coconut sweets....very exquisite!

And the fourth day was the Istiadat Bersiram Sampat.

The *Panca Persada*

Talk about bersiram or shower...everyone seems to be ready with the given umbrellas... protection against the unexpected showers!

The procession of the newly wed to the *Panca Persada*.

The newly wed came down from the *Panca Persada* to pay respect to both parents.

Now...cepat lariii!....Upacara *bercuak* bermula.

Duli Yg Amat Mulia Raja DiHilir Perak, Raja Jaafar was holding the water hose to spray to the audience...

And...Duli Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Besar Perak Tengku Zara was also having FUN spraying the water around....

Raja Puan Besar Perak,Tengku Zara is always at her best even when she's soaked wet!

Even so....the bride groom was the most having fun with the splashing!!

With cousins Puteri Rozie & Puteri Rozza and my parents.

As always...weddings are the time where we meet friends & relative.

We're all soaked wet! There goes my shoes & handbag...

Lastly...having the chance to be photographed
with the newly wed.

We had a blast time!

It's a wedding of the year.....




  1. akakkkkkk bestnyer dapat witnessed the unique ceremony of the royal wedding esp. part mandi sampat tu..lama dah tak dengo adat tu! dan dpt tengok the gorjes puan muda Zara hermmmm mmg ar dia maintain slim n gorjes walau anak dah dua.
    p/s : suka gek tgk doorgift yg bertekad2 tu, org Perak mmg berseni halus, my MIL pun kt umah dia ada je saprah/alas tilam bertekad tu

    1. Memang best n very unique most of the istiadat especially the mandi sampat. We really had so much fun.
      Org. Perak byk adat istiadat dlm majlis perkahwinan...that is if you want to follow n will use a lot of of course!

  2. Nice, very nice. I heard 4 hari kendurinya ya.

    1. Ya...memang cantik. In fact semua pun cantikk! Hai...anak raja...they can even afford to make khenduri kahwin sampai 7 hari!

  3. Sempurna sungguh majlisnya ya Leez. Saya suka payung kertas berwarna warni tu.

  4. Ya...memang sempurna n payung tu memang cantik. Nasib baik i pun dpt....warna hijau lagi!

    1. Kalau tak dapat, tu yang buat terkilan-kilan... maunya tak lelap tidur... hehe... Leez kenapa tak ambik gambar dengan Tengku Zara? Ia minat ngan dia.. cantik!

    2. I pun minat kat dia....tapi masa tu all the VIPs ada kat dia jadi seganlah....

  5. Assalam,

    i stumbled upon ur blog and was wondering where did they buy the tepak sirih door gift? puas google tak jumpe.. :)

    Thank u!

  6. btw, if u come across my comment, u may email me at appreciate it so much. thank u!