Monday, 1 July 2013


It's less than two weeks to the holy month of Ramadhan.
I'm so excited...even though i know i'll be having a tough time without my maid soon.
She might be back to Medan for a surgery...

Anyway...we (Puspanita) had a few line up of programmes during the month of Syaaban.
Kami memenuhinya dengan program2 keugamaan...
persediaan ke bulan Ramadhan.

We had invited Datin Seri Sharifah Khasif Fadzillah Syed Badiuzzaman (juara majlis Tilawah al-Quran Peringkat Antarabangsa)for a ceramah on Solat Yg Sempurna.

A petite young lady with a voice that captured a lot of hearts when reciting the verses of Quran.

theory & practical

young...pretty...& knowledgeable

And...we even called upon imam muda Jabbar to give some tips & bonus brim during the month of Syaaban & Ramadhan.

Even amongst our neighbourhood we create a culture of having ceramah ugama & majlis baca yasin & doa selamat for the coming of Ramadhan.

At my neighbour's house D.Seri Husainah.....
it was the same imam muda Jaabar giving more or less the topic of Ramadhan.

And recently... i had a majlis baca yasin & tahlil at my home.

Been too busy cooking & preparing for everything... i've only managed to capture a few pictures for remembrance....

Should have taken when everyone was reciting the surah yasin...

Thanks a million to my hubby's staff for helping me with everything....

Pheww!! It was a bit chaotic....when i have to cook most of the food myself...

Semua nak masak...mee kari, mee goreng, mee hoon goreng, prune cake, chocolate cake...& even pulut kuning & kari daging.

Trying to be the SuperWoman...& ended up feeling breathless!

The aches & pains are gone the minute my mee kari was praised to be one of the best!

For compliments...the door gifts...simple & cute.

I maybe be feeling tired but....the satisfaction of seeing everyone with full stomach is enough to make me smile the whole day!




  1. wah! meriahnya kak ... mmg penatkan kalau kena buat sorang2 tapi seronok dan berbaloi bila tetamu enjoy. ramadhan kareem to you and family.

    1. Memang penat sampai lupa nk tangkap gambar kengkawan yg lain....
      Tapi berbaloi cos they enjoy my cooking!
      Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan to you n family.