Thursday, 4 July 2013


He ain't the chef...he's my son.

During his semester break....making himself useful.

Trying to impress me with his new found!'s so good & tasty!

Thumbs up Rasyid dear!....for surviving on your own with the other siblings without mama's cooking.

At least...he makes good use of the u-tube.

Mee Suah Soup

Some cauliflower
Some carrots
Sawi or kai choy
Any kind of mushrooms
1 big onions
3-4 clove of garlic
Red chillies/ green chillies
2-3 rolls of mee suah

Fried the sliced onions & garlic until slightly brown.
Put in the cauliflower,carrots and simmer until they are soft.
Add in the green sawi, mushrooms, fishballs & prawns. 
Add in some water. 
When everything is soft, put in the mee suah n simmer it with a slow fire.
Add in a dash of white pepper & salt to taste.
Garnish it with red/green chillies & coriander leaves.

You can eat the mee suah soup by itself or with a bowl of hot rice.

Either's delicious!




  1. Sesekali mereka kedapur dan tunjuk telent memang terbaiklah.... senang mama!. Zaman sekarang ni anak lelaki lebih pandai memasak berbanding anak perempuan.


  2. Anak saya yg ketiga tu mmemang rajin kalau dibandingkan dgn yg lain.
    Tetapi...mulutnya pun rajin sikit...hehehe. Kawan baik bersembang & bertengkar juga.

  3. delicious, and lucky you! hope my son can cook like that too someday inshallah!

    1. Surprisingly it was delicious!
      You'll be surprise...within a glimpse they'll grow very fast. they'll not only know how to cook...they will even be having special girl/ boy friends. That will be for sure!

  4. Replies
    1. Try...Jangan tak try. Sedap sangat...especially utk berbuka puasa...something soupy.