Thursday, 18 July 2013


This is my first cookie for this coming Hari Raya...woot woot!

Squeezing my time making cookies even with the busy schedule...not to mention beading as well beside mengaji & tarawih.

Syukur maid is extending her stay until a week after raya.

I've been trying to find an ideal recipe of pineapple tart....something different from the usual tart that i used to make.

Finally...i got it in dapur tanpa sempadan blog or mat gebu.

It's delicious! my hubby said when his hands keep on digging into the cookie jar after breakfasting!

It's something like short crust pastry but i change it to a different shape of mould.

Firstly....the pineapple filling.

Next...the making & the baking....

The R.e.c.i.p.e


300g multipurpose flour
4 tlbs corn flour ( i used 5 tlbs or else it's quite delicate)
3 tlbs icing sugar,sieved
200 g butter (i used 130 g buttercup & 70g butter churn)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 egg yolk (if you like add a little drops of yellow colouring)
a pinch of salt


1.Combine flour,corn flour,icing sugar n salt.
  Fold it like bread crumbs. Add in the eggs 
  & fold until it turns into a dough.
2.Shape it into any mould you like.
3.Bake @ 170c until it's firm or slightly 




  1. Wah dah start buat kuih raya!...

  2. Hah!...kene la mula awal sikit sebab byk sgt project nk buat....I have 2 more baju kurung to bead....haiyaa!...don't know if i got the time meh...

  3. Hi leeza..
    Dah brapa banyak biskut dah siap?
    I baru habis beading. Haze is back, nak buat biskut pun rimas, Panas sgt.

  4. Hi kakak!
    Baru masuk dua...tart nenas & chocolate chips. Byk lagi yg tak siap...entah la boleh siap ke idak...beading ,baking & what not...