Wednesday, 24 July 2013


As always...every year during Ramadhan Baiduri, being the organiser will have this packing of goodies at SUK.

The rations are meant for our heroes... the armed forces out there in the field to protect our beloved country.

The food that were packed...nasi impit, kuah kacang, coffee & some other delicacies... and hoping they'll receive them before Hari Raya.

The pengerusi of Baiduri D.Seri Sharifah was there to witness the affair.

Besides Baiduri...other NGOs...Puspanita, Perkep & Bakat were also there to participate in the packing & distribution of the food.

Though it may not be much but the little things will make a lot of difference to those out there celebrating Hari Raya without their loved ones!

Mean while last Saturday i had attended a programme of girl guides...competition of reciting Al-quran (tadarus), story telling of our nabi2 & khat writing.

The guest of honour were Yg Maha Mulia Raja Puan Besar Tengku Zara & Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Muda Raja Nor Mahani.

It was very interesting when the children present the stories with different style & expression!

Not only to the winners of the competition,
Raja Puan Besar Tengku Zara had also gave away some generous amount to the old folks.

And last Thursday....
I was at my hubby's office to break fasting with the rest of his staff & special appearance...anak2 yatim.

my hubby presenting some duit raya to the orphans.

we have this tazkirah before the solat tarawih


What really made my day was the visit to the orphanage of Maahad Dar'us Salam at Jln Tambun.

The place is somehow ok...but still it need more upgrading...

Till now...there are about 30 children.

some of the goodies we brought....washing machine, towels,telekung & some washing liquid & detergent

some money that we had managed to collect among us

She(umi)was telling us how she go about creating the place & the ups & down during those trying times......

She first started it after she had made a vow to take care of an orphanage once she recovered from a stroke.

Initially she had only look after the orphans but soon she had reluctantly accept children from broken families & mualaf or saudara baru where they are not accepted by the family.

Most people asked her what the children need most....
And she answered them....the children need LOVE!!

Looking at one of the children...i feel sad...
They're so independent at that very young age... unlike our children we cherished them with so much love, proper care & comfortable surroundings.

Hoping with the small contributions...could meant so much to them!




  1. Salam kak leeza,
    what a wonderful way to fill in the Ramadhan, sgt besar pengisiannya tu, atleast takde ler cam saya ni dok ofis pahtu pikir nak masak apa pastu buka pose, i'm so impress ngan activity2 tu esp. yg lawatan rumah anak2 yatim tu, beso pahala tuu. keep up the good work girls!

  2. Wkumslm Yong
    Tiap2 Ramadan kak Liza memang sibuk dgn macam2 aktiviti baik diluar n dirumah. Tambahan sekarang ni pagi2 bertadarus dirumah jiran n disambung membeading dirumah sendiri TETAPI yg peliknye berat badan kak Liza tak turun2. Pada hal tido tak cukup...makan pun tak lah byk. Makan Nasi hanya masa berbuka...mungkin minum air byk sgt kut.....takut kena kencing kotor. Apa2 pun janji badan sihat dpt buat Amal Ibadat lebih dibulan yg mulia ni!