Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lucky Saturday???

Week-end should be a rest day for some wives or dapur tak berasap...but not to me 'NO'. That's the day yg i paling letih sekali where i hv to cook extra everything for my extra family. Not to worry! it's ok...i'm not fact i'm happy n looking forward pun especially when my two angels faiz n dira r frequently back for the weekends. Tak baik merungut nanti Allah akan tarik balik semua kesempurnaaan yg kita ada : I remember  this blog yg i intai bout a pair of socks yg hilang ??
Having a large family i'm used to be doing everything extras...n hving an ole fashioned husband he loves home cooked...i guess after recuperating fr. his illness he must be conscious n aware of what he eats...I dont hv to worry much of the extra work cos i bersyukur sgt2 to Allah that i'm bless with a very competent helper!  We do dine out with the whole family but most of the time it's me in the kitchen. They luv my air tangan sehingga menjilat jari !hehehe.... After all there r times when i've to accompany my dear hubby for some official functions n dinners....

Dira's favourite's ...laksa curry with fish balls, crab meat n tauhu in it...

I always forget that i've this book...i had it for about a year...bought it at Subang Parade's fact it has over 400 step-by-step recipes with more than 1800 photographs.

I've just tried a recipe fr. there : Velvety Mocha Tart . It' has a coffee flavour in it........        


   But for those yg very conscious of their diet better avoid it cos it's very rich in content n flavour......
   I pun bukan makan sgt....only for the children...tapi dlm tak makan sgt. tu habih sepiring!!
   Why not give it a try ok!! Below is the recipe. I would like to share it with all of u....                                                               

   Velvety Mocha Tart
    2 tsp instant espresso coffee
    2 tbs hot  water
    350ml whipping cream
    170g plain chocolate
    30g bitter cooking chocolate
    125ml whipped cream, for decorating
    chocolate coffee beans for decorating (couldnt find them instead i use strawberry)
    For the base
    140g chocolate wafers,crushed ( i used crushed chocolate oreo )
     2 tbs castor sugar
     70g butter,melted

    1. For the base, mix the crushed chocolate wafers n sugar together, then stir in the melted butter.
    2. Press the mixture evenly over the bottom n sides of a 9 in (23) pie dish. Refrigerate until firm.
    3. In a bowl, dissolve the coffee in the water n set aside.
    4. Pour the cream into a mixing bowl. Set the bowl in hot water to warm the cream, bringing closer to the
       temperature of the chocolate.
    5. Melt both the chocolates in the top of a double boiler or in a heat proof bowl set over a pan of hot      
        water. Remove fr. the heat when nearly melted n stir to continue melting . Set the bottom of the pan    
        in cool water to the reduce the temperature. Be careful not to splash any water on the chocolate or it
        will become grainy.
    6. With an electric mixer, beat the cream until it is lightly fluffy. Add the dissolved coffee n whip until the
        cream just holds its shape.
    7. When the chocolate  is at room temp, fold it gently into the cream with a large metal spoon.
    8. Pour into the chilled biscuit base n refrigerate until firm. To serve, pipe a ring of whipped cream
        rosettes around the edge, then place a chocolate covered coffee bean in the center of each rosette.
        HappY  TryinG!!

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