Saturday, 10 March 2012

The visit.

A few of us including our Pengerusi Puspanita, Datin Nor Hasmah ( wife of the state secretary of Perak ) were at the Tower Regency Hotel waiting for the arrival of the V.I.P fr.KL....They were Tan Sri Sidek
(KSN ), his lovely wife Puan Sri Alina n some other senior officers. Actually their main destination is to Penang but had stop over in Ipoh  where the KSN will meet with some of the senior officers in Perak.We had planned a few places for Puan Sri Alina either to the Banjaran in Tambun or the Geological Museum but she refused both cos it was a short trip n that they will be leaving to Penang just after the Friday prayers. They arrived shortly around 10.30am...

D. Asmah , me, D. Nor Hasmah n D. Feroza waiting at the lobby in Tower Regency Hotel.

We were suppose to lunch with our guest at  Simpang Tiga Restaurant but she would prefer to lunch with her husband at the hotel's dining lounge. Since we cant cancel it at the last minute, we had to lunch at the restaurant except for our D.Pengerusi where she had to accompany our guest at the hotel.

delicious tho but i'm not a great fan of minang delicacies....

The V.I.Ps made their way back to Penang after bersalam salaman n saying goodbyes to us...n so do us making our way back home after all the goodbyes....


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