Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A recipe for Dira

I have started sewing again...on my beading of course!! Tho i'm so occupied with my sewing i still hv to be in the kitchen or else everyone in the hse.will be ' kebulur '. Sometimes it really crack my head to think of what the day's menu or what to cook?.....since there'r some left over fresh meat in the freezer i'll make ' gulai kicap daging' n 'assam pedas melaka'. If only faiz is here...it's his favourite. As for dira this is the recipe of the gulai kicap daging. She has been asking me several times for the recipe each time when she's back n i keep on forgetting. Ever since faiz is staying with her it's really a blessing in disguise cos she's learning to cook now ......

Gulai kicap daging  ( recipe fr.my mumsie) for 2 persons

300 gm beef
2-3tlbs oil
1tsp ghee/ butter
3tlbs kicap
1tlbs corn flour
1 big onion ( slice them in rings)
3 potatoes ( peel the skin n cut them in fours)
a little bit of salt n black pepper

1.After heating the oil, put in the meat that has been marinate with kicap.
2.Let it boil for awhile n put in some water n let it boil further.
3. Meanwhile fried the potato wedges until slightly brown.
4. Put the corn flour that has been dissolve with some water n the fried potatoes in the boiling  soup. Put a little bit more water if the meat is sill hard.
5.When the meat has soften, add in the onion rings , a dash of black pepper n salt to taste. Garnish with daun sup n daun bawang.

Gulai ikan assam pedas melaka ( recipe fr. my kakak sulung teh-izz.blogspot.com )


3 pieces of ikan senangin ( u can use any kind of fish )
10 red chillies
5 dried chillies
10 small onions
1/2 in tumeric (kunyit hidup)
a little bit of belacan
1 tomato
a few leaves of daun limau purut.
1 stalk of lemon grass (serai )
5 or 6 okra ( kacang bendi) optional

1.Before u start anything, blend all the chillies, onions,turmeric n belacan.
2. Heat the oil n add all the stuff in the blender.
3. Simmer them until very cooked n pou r in some tamarind juice Add a pinch of sugar if u want to.
4.Dont forget to add in the lemon grass n some daun limau .
5. When the gravy is about to cook put in the fish.
6.Let it simmer for awhile. Salt to taste n garnish with the tomato that has been cut into four.

I know that it's not going to be easy dira...u 'll tend to make mistake for the first time. Remember that ' practice makes perfect '!!

Anyway happy trying n enjoy cooking!!


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