Sunday, 11 March 2012

The solemnization...

A very hectic day for me....start the day off by going to Tesco with my maid... It's already 1.30pm when we reached home cos it was already late when we came out fr.the hse.
I cooked frantically to finish on time n lucky my hubby lunched at the 'dam' where he's with the rescuers to find the body of the man that was drown in 'his' reservoir.
There was a wedding invitation fr.Dato S.S. His daughter is getting married...i thought of  giving something to the newly weds...Quickly i baked the base of the tart cos the filling must be hard enough before i could arrange the strawberries on it n.... time was not on my side....


the strawberry chocolate tart is packed nicely n neatly in a box....

The 'akad nikah' was done at their own residence after the solat 'isyak. It was a beautiful, simple n quick affair....


it was beautiful indeed!!

We were served with delicious food...everyone had a very good appetite since it was already late for dinner!

my my.....what a glutton!!

Met with so many friends n even with some ole ones....but sadly tho i  forget to take pictures with them.


  1. Salam..
    Rajin memasak! Weather here is very gloomy makiang me lesu and malas. I don't get any comment fr you lately?

  2. M'kum slm...
    Kat sini pun mcm tu juga...most of the time heavy rain n thunder storm. I wanted to blm lg..been very busy lately with sewing n Pusp.affairs. Jus came back fr.mesyuarat infact.