Friday, 2 March 2012

The famous cinnamon rolls......

This time i'll be bringing cinnamon rolls for my mama n bapak when i pay them a visit. It's been quite a long time for not baking them but eversince i got back fr.sis Iha's place n tasting her lovely gives me the urge to start baking again. If only the distance fr. my parents hse n mine are nearer i would hv visited them everyday  n to share with them whatever food i cooked...Well actually klau nak compare the distance with in KL tak le jauh sgt. about 1/2 an hrs drive. It's jus that mine is the other side of the world.....

freshly home baked cinnamon rolls......recipe fr. the internet, cant remeber the owner

  Cinnamon Rolls
  550 gm flour
  8.5g/0.25 dried yeast ( i put 3 tsp.)
  70 g melted butter
  75g. sugar ( i put 65g)
  210 ml.milk
  2 eggs
  pinch of salt

  Mix the flour n yeast together in a mixer. Pour in the melted butter,milk,sugar n eggs that had been beaten.
  If it is too sticky add 1-2 tlbs of flour. Use hand to form the dough for 5 mins. Sprinkle some flour on the  
  dough n let it to rise for 1 hr. After the flour has risen, punch the dough n shape the dough into rectangle n  
  scattered the fillings all over n roll it. Cut the rolls abt.11/2 cm each n let it rise for another 15-20mins.    
  Apply egg wash on them n bake at 180c until slightly brown.

  The fillings
  1 tbs brown sugar ( u can put more if u want to- i prefer less sugar )
  1/3 cup walnuts
  1 tsp cinnamon powder
  50 g butter @ room temperature
  1/3 cup raisins
   1 or 1/2  diced apple
   1/3 cup dried diced apricot
   1 tbs lemon juice n some of the lemon peel.

EnjoY BakinG  n hv a WonderfuL WeekenD!!


  1. M'kum salam...
    Ate.. teman teringin jugak nak buat!!