Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Little precious time.........

I followed my hubby to KL on mon...since he's going to Melaka for a meeting he'll be dropping me at SUJ so that i could spend my time with my love ones faiz n dira for only one precious night......
Baked 'super fudgy brownies' for them......recipe fr. Yat easy bakes. Thanks Yat my children love it!!

This is specially to Yat.......
Chocolate Chips Cookies
190gm butter
45gm brown sugar
80gm castor sugar
220gm multi-purpose flour
1tbs corn flour
1/2tsp baking soda
11/2tbs cocoa powder (i put 2 tbs)
1/2tsp vanilla essence
170gm chocolate chips
170gm almond/hazel/walnuts broken to bits n roasted
1 egg yolk.
Beat the butter n sugars together until well combined. Put in the egg , stir, n combined all the flours n vanilla essence. Lastly put in th chocolate chips n the nuts. Bake at 170c until slightly brown.

a very simple,crunchy chocolate chip cookies- got the recipe sis in law.

Since i'm in kl,dira pun ambik le one day off for accompanying her mama...apa lah!
thanks to this gps...for helping us find our way to Jln TAR. (one of my favourite spot when i'm in kl).

Gila u! tengok kain-kain kat favourite kain-kain crepe were on super duper price...siap dgn selendang was really a good buy!!
aii....mcm nak promote Gulattis lebih kut...hehehe!!
Lepas shopping terus to kemuning to sis iha's hse...being a good adik *wink* whenever i'm in kl sure to drop by her hse even for a few mins.... siap dapat bawak balik home-made cinnamon bread lagi....thanks sis it was lovely!!

Hubby came back jus before maghrib n we left to Ipoh after we'd performed solat maghrib.....sad to say goodbye to my dira.......tak dpt jumpa faiz....he went straight to play  futsal....goodbyes in the phone je....So bye bye to u all too!!...till the next post than......Cheerio!!


  1. Hello,, mana gambo kita dgn cake? tak achi tau...

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  3. Bukan tak nak promote ur buns but i appeared so terribly bloated in the pix.Next time pulak ya when i look more presentable to ur readers or shall i say more slimmer!...hehehe