Saturday, 18 February 2012

Holy friday...

I've been attending my weekly friday activity in my hubby's office for learning 'tajwid' n reciting 'quraan' during the long lunch break.. The class was opened about a few months ago but i've jus enrol myself about a mth.... Ape sudahnye kene le belajar nak betulkn bacaan...we 're taught by Ustazah Mazima, a very sweet young fact she's so much younger than us. Agaknye pening kepala ustazah tu mendengar bacaan studentnye yg bermacam2 bunyi dengu....nevertheless... 'practise makes perfect' kan kan.....!!

Petang jumaat tu i was invited to my ole neighbour's hse.for a ' naik buai' cucu nya...quite a grand ceremony sebab majlis tu menyambut maulidur rasul sekali.....though the 'marhaban' took about 1 1/2's worth waiting cos we were served with so much food like soto, mee rebus, nasi tomato n kuih muih manis....not forgetting dapat 'door gift ' lagi...bunga telur....hehehe!

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