Friday, 16 March 2012


I've been round n round  up n down n finally i end up at this very blog of someone's my niece. How exciting of her for hving bundles of joy! She's having twins jus like me eh...must be inheritance, i guess. But hers are identical twins unlike mine n.... they're so adorable. I cant stop myself kissing them over n over again each time before i left my mum's house. My niece is staying with my mum at the moment. If only my hse is nearer to them than i would at least gives some help to my niece. I know it's not easy to take care of a baby what more twins. There r always the first time for everything.... dont worry Kak Yong u'll do fine. It takes an experience to be tough. Acu pun was once like that...memang tak peduli what's happening around me except what matters most r my chidren n my home. I just cant believe how time flies tut,tut dah pun besor.....Tak pe jaga diaorg baik2 , bersabar, n ask for God's help n u'll be ok.

look !aren't they cute n adorable.....cant help luving them........

Somewhere, somehow i got this fr. Kak Yong's's very touching n meaningful !

                                 A STRONG WOMAN , IS ONE WHO IS ABLE TO SMILE
                                 THIS MORNING LIKE SHE WASNT CRYING LAST NIGHT.


  1. Gerammm! rase nak cium2 muka diaorg.....makin besor makin comei.....

  2. yes...every sunday mesti pergi rumah wan nyah gomoi-gomoi Aqil and!!! cerdik bebudak tu..