Monday, 19 March 2012

Nothing taste better than mom's cooking.....

Another weekends splendour.....lavished with food as usual. My dear son Faiz is back for the weekend without his sister, Dira. She hates to take the train back home but it's easier for her bro.cos his working place is jus around the corner of KLCC. Faiz ni memerap dgn i lebih sikit, most of the weekends he's back....tak pe le when he's still single tp. jgn tak balik pulak bila dh ada calon.Thought of asking Faiz to bring some choc.cake to Dira but unfortunately the train ticket is sold out therefore Faiz has to go back early Mon.morning n straight to office. Sorry Dira! i promise i'll make it up with u when u come back the next trip. I always try to cook something extra each time when they r back bukan apa kesian....maklum le sekali sekala makan home cook bukan ke sedappp!! Anyway berkorban apa saja demi anak2 & suami tercinta....hehehe!

Pikelets for breakfast....i seldom make this only on certain occasion esp.when Faiz is around. It's too rich....tu pun i used low fat milk.

As for lunch, masak ala ala kampung, salah tak da ulam je..I loike any kind of pajeris, either terung or nenas but it's not easy to get the ripe n sweet pineapple. Sekali sekala mkn ikan kecil ni sedapp  walaupun byk tulang esp.goreng ikan2 tu dgn tepung. Tom yam is everyone's favourite...ayam tomato is Faiz's favourite n as for my twins anything beside kayu n batu....they r not fussy eaters n my darling hubby asalkn sodappp!! My darling ni org.Minang....biase le suka mkn masak lomak but i kurengkn nye due to health hazards.... for dessert..... devil food chocolate cake!...ada taste of mocha sikit. I put bits of oreo between n on top of the cake. Recipe fr. sifu sis Iha. Very rich indeed but i always reduce the amount of sugar unlike in the original recipe n for the chocolate sauce i melt the cooking choc.with low fat milk instead of heavy cream. Memang mengancam in taste n health as well....hahaha! I dont really eat them...*takut* kena lah jaga kesihatan dh masuk 50s ni.....only for the children je n hubby pun kene pantau.

Till the next post than.....bbye!!!

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